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Crafting Your Sonic Signature

I am a GRAMMY-Nominated Recording Engineer, Radio/Podcast Producer, and Educator with over 30 years of experience. I help world-class Soloists, Orchestras, Ensembles, Entities, and Entrepreneurs craft their authentic Sonic Signature through a variety of media including Album Recordings, Radio Broadcasts, and Podcasts. I offer both studio and location recording, as well as editing and mastering services to produce exquisite recordings.

Heading 6

I am a GRAMMY-Nominated engineer specializing in classical, jazz, folk, and other acoustic genres. I am also a radio/podcast producer, audio educator, and artist currently on faculty at the University of Lethbridge. I split my time between Alberta and Chicago.



John Bruce Yeh

Assistant Principal Clarinet 


“The extraordinary recording engineer Mary Mazurek has an artistic and sensitive ear for all aspects of music; balance, depth, dynamics, timbre, intonation, definition, articulation, and ensemble…All this she accomplishes with a gentle, relaxed demeanor and swift efficiency. Mary Mazurek is the consummate professional.“

Fareed Haque

Jazz & Classical Guitarist


“Great Sounds, great work ethic, and great openness to different points of view making every session fun, relaxed, and inspired! It's always a joy to work with Mary."




“"The quality of every project that we've done together is top notch, and I'm always thrilled when I show up to a recording and see that Mary is involved."

Paul Durica

Host: Illinois Turns 200 Podcast


"Mary Mazurek impresses with professionalism that's paired with a with an ability to improvise. As the sound engineer for the seven-part podcast series marking the Illinois Bicentennial, she traveled around the state working in environments ranging from a neoclassical capital building to a small backyard barn but always managing to create a recording of the highest quality - the result of careful planning and creative problem solving in the moment."

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